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About Us

Michael Sawyer has personally traveled to these yachting destinations:

The Pacific Northwest: Alaska, British Columbia and Washington State. The Caribbean: Virgin Islands (British, US and Spanish), St. Vincent - Grenadines - Grenada, Antigua - St. Kitts & Nevis - St. Barths / St. Barts - St. Martin, and Guadeloupe. The Bahamas: Exumas and Abaco. The Western Mediterranean: France, Italy, Sardinia, Spain. The Eastern Mediterranean: Croatia, Greece (Cyclades, Saronic, Ionian and Peloponnese), Turkey. The South Pacific: Tahiti/French Polynesia, Fiji and Hawaii. New England. Indonesia (Komodo, Raja Ampat and Bali), Thailand. Central / South America: The Galapagos, Mexico, Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Michael has also crafted adventurous yacht charters in Antarctica and Greenland.

Michael Sawyer, President, Infinity Yacht Charters
President Michael Sawyer
We specialize in personalized, private luxury yacht charters, with one focus:

"What are the best yachts, crews, itineraries, locations and dates for you?"

Infinity Yacht Charters President Michael Sawyer travels the world to personally inspect yachts, interview crews and experience destinations. As a truly independent charter specialist, he provides unbiased advice on the best options for you from all charter yachts.

Michael arranges charters worldwide, from family vacations to majestic adventures. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations and CEOs. With previous experience as a licensed charter yacht captain and his current role as a charter broker, he has a multifaceted knowledge of the yachting industry.

In the Pacific NW, he has unique knowledge from 20 years of personal inspections and experience to give definitive advice on the top charter yachts and itineraries in Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington State.

Charter with confidence, and choose from all yachts worldwide, as Michael Sawyer:
  1. Is an Active Member of the American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA), which has the world's highest standards for membership of all charter broker organizations.
  2. Subscribes to YachtFolio from the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA).
  3. Is a Charter Professional member of the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA).
  4. Has served on the Board of Directors for (and is a member of) the Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA International). His peers elected him to the Board repeatedly.

Michael is American, and resides in Vancouver and near Maple Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada with his wife Jennifer and their rescue pets. He previously lived in Washington State, Oregon, California, Missouri, and Connecticut.

We look forward to helping you with a spectacular yachting vacation!

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Rave Reviews!

128' Motor Yacht REVELRY
Exumas, Bahamas

Your Overall Rating?

Were your crew friendly, professional and accommodating?
Beyond Friendly and Professional! We would have liked to take the crew home with us if we could have.
Was REVELRY comfortable and clean?
So clean! The crew did not stop cleaning 24 hrs a day. With ten guests, the boat was extremely comfortable.
Was REVELRY well ventilated?
How was the cuisine?
Chef Jack was a 5-star Chef. Everything he cooked was better than the next. He was so accommodating - if someone didn’t like a particular item, he made something else for them.
Did you enjoy the Exumas?
Yes, the Exumas were lovely.

Could we at Infinity Yacht Charters have helped you further in any way?
No, you were great. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Private "40th Birthday x 2" Yacht Charter - American family and friends

76' Sailing Catamaran KING'S RANSOM
Kotor, Montenegro to Split, Croatia

"On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d rate the charter 10+.
I cannot imagine a more professional and welcoming crew than Pete and Niki.  We absolutely loved our experience on King’s Ransom and the crew was a critical part of making the trip magical.
This is an outstanding boat.  The photos do not do it justice.  Not only is it spotlessly clean inside and out, the crew has thought of every detail to make the most of our experience on board.  The comfort level is truly wonderful.
Absolutely, King’s Ransom was well ventilated.  The temperatures in each of the cabins was perfect and are individually controlled.  Even the wonderful smells from the kitchen were barely noticeable.
We had high expectations for the food, but even those expectations were exceeded.  Each meal felt like a 5 star dining experience.  I am a bit of a foodie, so was impressed by the complexity of flavors in each dish, the clean methods of preparation, and overall healthy choices (except for the truly inspiring desserts).
Croatia and Montenegro were both fabulous.  I recommend spending 2 nights in Dubrovnik, then Kotor for 3 nights, then picking up the boat in Porto Montenegro.  This allowed us to enjoy these beautiful locations on a more leisurely pace and maximize the destinations while sailing.
I cannot recommend this yacht and crew more highly.  Spending 7 nights in the relatively close quarters of a private yacht with a crew means that the ambiance onboard established by the crew can make or break the trip.  This crew turned a terrific vacation into a truly memorable journey that my family will treasure for years to come.  Thank you for all your help."

Private Family Charter - American family

80' Sailing Catamaran LEVANTE
Exumas, Bahamas

Your overall rating?
10 out of 10.
Were the crew friendly, professional and accommodating? 
Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Was the yacht well ventilated? 
How was the cuisine?
How were the Exumas?

Private Family Charter - American family with children

62' Sailing Catamaran CATSY
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean in early August

Your Overall Rating?
9.5 out of 10.
Were Michael and Jenn friendly, professional and accommodating?
Yes, way beyond our expectations. They were both phenomenal. Michael went out of his way to be a full-time activities director for our family and personally provided hours and hours of fun (watersports and otherwise) for us and our kids. Jenn is literally crazy about cooking and spent multiple hours longer than we ever could have expected preparing meals for us. They were both dedicated to their roles in a way that I had trouble believing, and it's clear they truly love what they are doing. (And they have fun doing it!) They literally worked 18 hours a day (sometimes longer). I am so impressed with both of them that I hope to book our next charter with them again.
Was CATSY comfortable and clean?
Yes, in every way. It is a fantastic boat, and Michael and Jenn go out of their way to keep it that way. They definitely act as if the boat is an extension of themselves. 
Was CATSY well ventilated?
Yes, even better than we expected.  The AC on the boat was fantastic, especially since my family likes cold air to sleep.
How was the cuisine?
Great. Jenn goes beyond a reasonable point with the amount of time she spends on preparing meals and the detail she applies to each one.
How was the BVI?
Absolutely fantastic and perfect for a charter like this one. We definitely plan to back again to visit the places we didn't get to this time.
Any additional comments on your charter?
It was better than I could have expected. The boat and the crew were perfect for our family.
Guest book entry:

"Dear Michael and Jenn,

We love you guys!  The trip of a lifetime!  We spent 10 days just the 8 of us and had a blast.  The weather was fantastic (except for one memorable, stormy day).  The excursions that Michael entertained us with, the awesome meals that Jenn prepared, everyday, every 5 hours ! :)  The water toys, the Dinghy Slinging/Flinging :), the fishing, the sunset hike, the snorkeling!  The Kodak moments- the helicopter ride - I know I’m missing something - the sailing lessons, the Baths and rock climbing was my favorite!  Necker Island tour - the Lemurs and the Parrots (Hello!).  I think we are all happily exhausted :)  We could never thank you enough for your hospitality and family love.  Best of luck in the future and we will see you guys again!"

Private Family Charter - American family with children

74' Motor Yacht NORTHERN LIGHT

"I’d give this charter a 10.  (This having been our first charter, I have no point of comparison, other than our prior vacations.  This was definitely a 10 in comparison.)
Wes, Greg and Rachel were an exceptional crew.  They worked very hard to deliver an outstanding trip.   Very professional, yet kind and friendly.  Wes is an excellent yachtsman.  Safety was paramount, and we always knew we were in good hands.  Our youngest daughter spent considerable time with Wes at the bridge, and learned much about the sea and boating.  Greg’s cooking was wonderful and we enjoyed his company and his knowledge of Alaska.  Rachel interacted beautifully with our family and took great care of us.  

Northern Light was quite comfortable and she was spotless.  Wes obviously takes great pride in her and keeps her in tip-top shape.  Ventilation was never a problem.

We enjoyed the cuisine very much.  Every meal was delightful.
We loved the area we toured.  None of us would have chosen to stay in Taku Harbor for two nights, but weather required it, so we had no complaint.  We especially enjoyed Ford’s Terror and Endicott Arm. Unbelievably serene.

You were quite helpful in guiding us first-timers.  I can’t think of anything more you could have done. We look forward to future charter adventures."

Private Family Charter - American family

55' Sailing Catamaran REACTION
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean in June

"It was a great trip and my family loved everything about it. The older my adult kids get the harder it is to pull these type of trips off but this was excellent. I hope we are able to do it again…. and not wait 12 years to do so!"

Your overall rating?
10 (per my kids independent rating while we were on the boat)
Were Terry and Ruth friendly, professional and accommodating?  
Terry and Ruth were great host and most accommodating.  They were both very good at what they did and were a great team.
Was REACTION comfortable and clean?  
The boat was great.  Rooms had plenty of room and the a/c worked great at night.   I would say the “bunk room/beds” were really meant for smaller people/kids.  You saw how big my boys are.  They did not complain as it is not their nature but it was cramped for them.
How was the cuisine?   
All meals and variety of food was fantastic.  Only one lunch meal we all did not particularly care for and I think it was some kind of a cheese soufflé.  
Did you enjoy the BVI?  
We did.   Going to Anegada was a great adventure and eating at the Wonky Dog was a wonderful/fun evening.  We also rented moped for the day and cruise the island.  We enjoyed all our nightly moorings and the scuba dives Terry selected were all fantastic. 
Any additional comments on your charter?   
We all want to do it again.  We were asked by friends did we ever feel our privacy was invaded by having strangers with us and we did not at all.  It would be fun to do a trip with several families and a caravan of boats. 

Could we at Infinity Yacht Charters have helped you further in any way?
No, your guidance was great.

Private Family Charter - American family with adult children

72’ Sailing Monohull SANDCASTE
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean in May

"Our overall rating for Sandcastle, Lloyd Wilson and Jessica Smith was a 10/10. It was so good, in fact, that Frank and I simultaneously lost our minds and gave them a 25% tip. Yikes !
The crew was definitely friendly, professional and accommodating. Lloyd was open and helpful on anything we asked him. He could not of been more attentive to each of the four of us,  who had similar desires,  but not always identical ones. He was very sensitive to ferreting out what each of us wanted.. And nothing seemed to be too difficult for him to accommodate. He is special..
And Jessica. What can I say. She was fun, lovely, lots of positive energy and an absolutely phenomenal cook. She seemed to delight in fixing food for us and serving it in a very special manner with confidence and pizzazz. She picked up on our “bushwhacker” drink preferences and took them to a whole new level turning them into a “paddlewhackers” adding chocolate sauce and peanut butter..
We had things like apricot tequila barbecue chicken, rum pancakes, French toast with cherry cognac maple sauce, eggs and bacon, Mahi mahi, Grilled beef tenderloin on a bed of sticky rice followed by an oatmeal cookie with a chocolate kiss in the middle. It went on and on. Marcia and I still talk about Jess and her cooking every day.
When we went hiking, they both went with us. When we went on the paddleboard, they both did the same. We went in to Foxy's, Hog Heaven (on Limerick Bay), Painkillers at Saba Rock, shopping in Saint Croix, etc. etc. - and they went also. We played “shut the box game” early in the week and our friendship (siz of us) progressed to the point we comfortably played “Cards against Humanity” at the end of the week. That takes a special relationship.
Sandcastle was comfortable and clean. Both Lloyd and Jess are meticulous in everything they do.

Sandcastle was well ventilated. When conditions got to be extremely warm,  Lloyd would turn on the air-conditioning – front, back and middle. Usually we left the windows open and there was a reasonable breeze every night.

The cuisine was phenomenal."

Private Charter - Two American couples

74' Motor Yacht NORTHERN LIGHT
San Juan Islands, Washington State

"I'm giving Wes, NORTHERN LIGHT and your company 10's across the board. We had a great time. Wes was very professional. The boat was very well kept for a yacht of its age. Your service was also outstanding. Thank you for making our experience such a good one."

Private Family Charter

62' Sailing Catamaran LADY KATLO
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"Overall rating 10 out of 10! The crew was outstanding.  Captain Patrick was knowledgeable and was always happy to help us have the best experience possible.  And Tash (Natasha) took exquisite care of us. All the crew were always in a great mood which added to our great mood!!

The yacht was supremely comfortable and clean and well taken care of. We loved Richie the chef. It was his first week cooking on a boat and we found him accommodating, inventive and an all around terrific chef and baker (amazing baker). We threw him some curves, as we preferred some simpler preparations of our main courses than perhaps he expected but he came through with flying colors.

We snorkeled 2 to 3 times a days every day because we visited gorgeous areas and had wonderful weather. We loved all of it! This vacation lived up to and surpassed our expectations. I can't think of anything to have made the trip more fun."

Private Charter - Two USA couples

75' Sailing Catamaran LADY ALLIAURA
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"We had a terrific time!  '10 out of 10'  The crew was first class, very accommodating and  
experienced. They were very friendly -- all day, every day.  LADY ALLIAURA was spotless and beautiful!  Every morning when we awoke, the first thing we saw, after the beautiful sunrise, was the crew cleaning the yacht.  Every day was special.  The yacht was climate controlled and comfortable at all times.  Each cabin and the main salon had thermostats for comfort.  But the best breeze was sitting on the bow while sailing!"

The food was fantastic!  Breakfasts, lunches and dinners were gourmet meals.  The fruit, desserts  and wines were terrific as well!  Bring your appetite! 

We sailed the BVI and enjoyed every minute of every day.  Beautiful scenery, great snorkeling and delightful cruises to each special spot.  The captain really knew where to go and what to do.  Our family getaway was outstanding!  The sailing yacht and crew were first-class!  Every need was met, and then some!  We will use Infinity Yacht Charters again."

Private Family Charter - American family

Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada

"The trip was absolutely fantastic.  Colin, Dominic, Kean, Malain, Jessie, and Jack are a fabulous group of people who made our time on board a constant pleasure.  They were great with the kids, and Colin planned an extraordinary trip with knowledgeable people to teach the grandkids, and big kids, on our different excursions.  Colin is amazing with all his knowledge of the area from finding whales every day to his aquarium for the kids to fish in.  The toys on the boat were such fun for all of us.  There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful it was.  Michael, I found you delightful to work with and most responsive to all my questions.  Again, thanks for a trip of a lifetime."

Private Family Charter - 3 generation American family

129' Super Yacht SAFIRA
Greenland for 7 days

"An epic trip!  The boat and crew were terrific.  The activities, stunning, and the family time, irreplaceable.  Each day was varied from kayaking among icebergs to talking with scientists about climate change to helicoptering to the unimaginably vast Greenland ice cap.  It was the trip of a lifetime for everyone.
Thank you for all of your effort and time.  Couldn’t have done it without you."

Private Family Charter - American family

110' Motor Yacht LE REVE
New England for 4 days

"We cannot thank you enough for the absolutely amazing time that we enjoyed last week on LE REVE.  This certainly was a once in a lifetime vacation for us and the best way we could’ve possibly celebrated our anniversary together.  We shall treasure our special memories and the wonderful new friends that we have made in all of you!! Thank you all for your unrivaled hospitality and service."

Private Anniversary Charter - One couple

100' Motor Yacht KING BABY
New England for 10 days

    "Normally I do not have much difficulty in expressing myself, but in this instance I have some trouble, mainly because words like "fantastic", "phenomenal", and "fabulous" begin to lose their meaning if repeated over and over. There was no aspect of this experience that was not all three of those words in each and every way!
    I know that this "testimonial" letter can give prospective clients a point of reference when choosing a broker. I literally demand that you have your prospective clients call or email me so that I may sing your praises. Your future clients need to know why using you will be such a great decision.
    From the first moment that we spoke, you were always interested in what mattered most to me and my family. While that sounds like a no brainier, it is far less prevalent than one might imagine. You listened and did not too quickly push me toward one boat or one itinerary. You came to our phone calls fully prepared to discuss progress on the plan we were following. You presented options and explained your recommendations based upon your experience. In other words, you did that which qualifies you to be referred to with all the superlatives mentioned above. It became clear to me early on that your experience would guide me properly in making decisions in a field I know nothing about.
   I recall your comment that "the crew makes the trip". Your relationships allowed you to advise me that Bryan was one of the best captains around, and his crew was wonderful, then that critical piece of the experience would be a plus, and it most certainly was.
   Which leads me to discuss 100’ KING BABY. Can you be confident about what your clients will experience if they charter KING BABY? Let this note be the testament that you should never hesitate to send your clients to this wonderful captain, crew and boat. No superlatives will ever be sufficient to describe the amazing service and attitude of this group.
    Captain Bryan Carter is wonderful. He exudes confidence in his skills, but is so quiet and unassuming that sometimes it was as if his task was easy. The way in which he effortlessly docked that 100' boat is difficult to describe, and that is surpassed by his attention to every detail and his true desire that we fully experience everything. Bryan is a technician, concierge, friend, and guide all wrapped into one remarkably gifted persona.
    Which is why Bryan was able to land the most fantastic "catch", Muffy whom he will marry next May. Five star plus meals every day, every meal, with the biggest smiles you can imagine.Laughter was always the order of the day in Muffy's galley where we all gathered each morning for the pre-breakfast coffee and muffins, all hand made from scratch every day. Fresh food, prepared exactly as we wanted in every instance. Rhonda and I travel extensively, and have eaten in many of the world's fine eateries, and I will match Muffy up with any of them, but she does it with a smile as wide as the beam of the boat. The only down side to being with Muffy for ten days was the price I paid in my waist, not because it was not healthy food, but just because I could not ever stop myself from wanting more. Someone with better self control than I will not have that problem.
    Dan and Jessica were stellar in their performance as well. Dan was such a happy guy when he was driving the tender, pulling the boys on the wake boards or the tubes or getting the wave runner ready. And he never stopped working the entire trip, always keeping the decks and outside of the boat immaculate at all times.
    And what Dan was on the outside, Jess was on the inside. We nicknamed her the "Stealth Cleaner" because if you were out of your room for just a few minutes, you would come back and it had been cleaned or tidied up. Everything was always fresh. This was better service than I have ever had at any hotel. Honestly, when I think of her skills as a bartender to go along with her fabulous sense of timing, I cannot imagine anyone ever being better at her job than she is. And, as an aside, over a ten day period the table was never set the same way twice, each time showing her creativity. What a doll she was in every way.
    So, on to the boat itself. I will not spend so much time because your clients can look at the pictures and recognize that quality is everywhere on this magnificent vessel. It is so comfortable that we forgot sometimes that it is a boat, not a house.
    So, Michael, that's it. The trip of a lifetime turned out to be the trip of eight lifetimes. It was so much more than I dared dream of- it was remarkable in every way possible. So for your goal of fully pleasing your clients, mission very much accomplished.
    We are grateful to you for everything. Please have your clients reach out to me, and send them on King Baby if you can. No one will regret that decision."

Private Family Charter -  American family

2 Sailing Catamarans: 62' BARBUDA BELLE and 61' MOTU
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

BARBUDA BELLE: "The trip went great. The crews were wonderful. They worked very hard to make it as good as it gets. Thanks for all your help. We will definitely recommend your service to all of our friends."

MOTU: "This was possibly the best family trip we have experienced with our children. Everyone had a great time; it was absolutely awesome! Jeff and Dany were fantastic and took very good care of us during our stay on the MOTU. Xavier was awesome as well; he and Jeff worked well together and planned out the voyage perfectly. Your recommendations were splendid and thank you for arranging the trip for us." -- and -- "It was fabulous!!! We loved every minute!! Dany and Jeff and Xavier were the best!!! We hope we will be able to go again some time. Thanks for all your help with organizing everything. What a beautiful place!!"

Private Charter - Two American families sharing two yachts in tandem
Christmas and New Years

British Columbia, Canada

"The trip ranked up near or at the top of the trips we have taken with our family. The crew was incredible displaying a genuine interest in making sure every detail was addressed and that everyone had a ball. Colin has assembled a very eclectic group of amenities on the Pacific Yellowfin which I don’t think could be easily replicated elsewhere. The itinerary covered some of the most beautiful places on earth. Our family was exposed to activities that we had not previously experienced."

Private Family Charter - 2 American families with children sharing the yacht

47' Sailing Catamaran DREAMING ON
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"Congratulations on your good fortune to have found the perfect hosts of the British Virgin Islands. Geoff and Iza, and their luxury catamaran Dreaming On, are very well equipped to make everyone on your sailing adventure relaxed and happy. On our trip, we set sail and explored the many different islands in the BVI. We visited beautiful beaches and water caves, explored deserted islands, stopped at shops, restaurants, resorts and did much much more. Our group had people with various recreational requests ranging from total relaxation to total adventure - and Geoff and Iza made sure every-one's needs were taken care of. Our activities included slumbering in the hammock, trying various motor water sports including tubing and knee-boarding, snorkeling and exploring, all the while being well fed with gourmet meals and snacks, and also enjoying fine wine and discrete but delightful company at night. From the chocolates presented on our beds each evening, to our favourite breads being made for us for a snack every morning, we felt taken care of in every way. Leaving the boat felt like we were leaving our comfortable home. Our trip ignited a taste for sailing that will live with our entire family - although we all agreed we're not sure how we could go on another sailing trip without Geoff and Iza."

Private Family Charter

72' Oyster Sailing Monohull COOKIELICIOUS
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"We had a wonderful time on the trip and were very happy with Cookielicious, Michael and Charlotte. The food and service was wonderful! We would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to have a memorable family trip. Thanks again for your help."

Private Family Charter

65' Sailing Trimaran PROMENADE
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been an experience beyond belief. The boat is beautiful, the food is amazing and the scenery is gorgeous. Kerry Bazza Felix and Connor will always be remembered by our family because WE ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!

You guys are the best! Truly, this was the most spectacular vacation we have ever been on. Patrick said his favorite part was catching the nurse shark and the bull shark. These is so much more to say because we just spent 7 days in paradise with the most unbelievable crew. Thank you for making everlasting family memories for us. We will miss you guys!!" - Family, Houston Texas

"We had high expectations before we came here. Kerry, Bazza, Connor, Felix and the Promenade far exceeded our expectations in every respect. We knew the islands were beautiful, but they took our breath away. We though the food would be good but nothing like this. We expected to catch fish, but not a 7'4", 200 lb shark. We were certain we'd like the crew, but had no idea they would be so good to us. We WILL be back. This was the best trip we've ever taken. Thank you." - Family, Dallas, Texas

2 families sharing the yacht, USA
Christmas and New Years

105' Trimaran CUAN LAW
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"In any business, the quality of the experience is directly related to the quality of the people involved. Although this trip was way out of my comfort zone, the end result was a once in a lifetime opportunity for my kids and grandkids. All quickly bonded with the charismatic, helpful crew whose sole purpose may have been to fatten us up so that we would have the energy to keep up with them. Wonderful cuisine, beautiful sights, you did well."

"Our charter was Fabulous!!  A perfect crew and lots of fun adventures."
Private Family Charter, guests from USA.

112' Ferretti Motoryacht PANDORA
(with private jet)

"Everything was perfect, the boat, the plane, the crew."

Private Family Charter, guests from France and London


62' Catamaran MOTU

Our charter was fantastic.  The crew were awesome, the yacht was great, the cuisine was very good, and the weather was perfect. A very good choice, thank you!"

Private Family Charter, guests from Argentina/SE Asia 

76' Catamaran MATAU
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

"I want to thank you so much for all of your help on our recent charter. You were extremely helpful and by far the most knowledgeable of all the brokers we spoke with. Most importantly, you spent the time to get to understand who our family was and what we were looking for in a vacation. This made all the difference when it came to selecting the right boat and right crew for the week. The attention to detail in regards to making sure we had all the things we desired on the boat and helping out on travel logistics was invaluable and made the trip stress free and hassle free. Thanks again for making our vacation the best family trip we have ever taken. 

In regard to MATAU and the crew we couldn’t have asked for a better combination. The Catamaran was very spacious with great outdoor space and well appointed indoor spaces. Everyone had the opportunity to either find their own place to read and relax or be part of the group singing and having fun. There were also several spots for dining and that was nice to be able to change the venue. We are an active family and Matau had all the water sports equipment we could ever need and more.
The real point of differentiation was the crew. All I can say is Wow! They were unbelievable and so much fun to be with. The service was five star from the time we stepped on the boat until we left. Virginia and her crew always had options for us each day depending how we felt. She organized hikes, amazing snorkeling trips, water skiing, tubing and always found beautiful spots to anchor and spend the night. Chris, the Chef was simply amazing. Each meal was a much anticipated treat that we all looked forward to and appreciated greatly. Alice was so attentive to all of our needs and our kids really enjoyed her. Jamie made the trip so special as he took us on some great adventures and educated us on the islands, fish, history etc. He was always there to take us where we wanted to go and had fun doing it. I can’t say enough about the experience but when I asked each of our family members if they would like to charter MATAU again or try another yacht, each person said, MATAU with the same crew.' I think that says it all." 

Private Family Charter, guests from Boston, MA

65' Sailing Yacht ALOHA MALOLO

"We had an awesome time and Eric and Evelyn were a great fit for us. I think we made Eric get out every piece of equipment he had on the boat. ALOHA MALOLO was probably exactly what our family needed. I think we were well prepared and Eric and Evelyn did everything they could to make our trip memorable and pleasant. The sailing was incredible. The fact that Eric could plan a route that allowed us to sail a bit each day, scuba dive or snorkel, look for treasure and seashells, and then keep us out of the swells at night was evident of his experience as a captain. We can’t think of another way we could have done all the things we were dreaming of. We even managed to catch a fish that Evelyn made into a couple of excellent meals

Our favorite story would be about Eric letting our crew who were learning sailing skills “go it alone” and try to sail from the Indians to Willy T’s. It was about 2 hours of me laughing down in the hull while I watched and listened to my family keep themselves occupied by going almost nowhere. Bruce made a diagram in one of our memory books which showed the Aloha, the Indians and Willly T’s with a very, very wiggly route in between. The “sailors” loved sailing and mooring and jibing and tacking and saving life preservers.

The highlights were:
1) The Indians (again)
2) Eric’s French Press coffee (just my opinion)
3) Adam’s Fish
4) Sailing at 13 knots
5) Eric’s blender drinks
6) Evelyn’s tiramisu
7) Scuba diving 4 sites
8) Richard Branson’s Island
9) Only going through 2 tablets of Pepto and 3 of Dramamine (we have 18 scopolamine patches that were never used)
10) Salty Dog
11) Minimal sunburn

The Hotel you suggested for one night was also a big hit. I have 5 athletic kids that have a lot more respect for surfing than they did before trying it for an hour or two. The future son-in-laws were amazed that 'I' could coordinate all those arrangements, so thank you for making me look good!”

Private Family Charter, guests from Minnesota

58' Sailing Catamaran MATIRA

"Just to start, this vacation was so good it is almost beyond description. All six of us travel very frequently to 5 star resorts in fantastic locations and they all pale in comparison to this trip. MATIRA was in perfect condition. The accommodations were fantastic. The crew were absolutely awesome. It is hard to imagine a better crew on any boat anywhere. The meals were delicious - we all miss Suzu terribly. Bruno had an uncanny knack of getting to the best spot in every anchorage before anyone else. We experienced more of the British Virgin Islands than I had in all my other trips to the BVI's combined. Bruno is an incredible Captain! We are already talking about our next trip with Bruno and Suzu. We may want to use MATIRA and one of her sister ships next year for a multi-family trip. I can't think of a single thing that would have made our trip better."

Tim W., guests from VA, USA

85' Motor Yacht PANACHE + 88' Sailing Yacht in a tandem Family Charter

“Our cruise was just about flawless, for both yachts. We will surely enjoy the memories for the rest of our lives. I can't emphasize enough how wonderful the service was on PANACHE, and what a perfect choice it was for our needs. Captain Sean, his wife, "T" (Dutch), mates Clive and Fran (also married), made every effort to take care of Mom and Dad, my sister, husband and kids. They even provided a floating swimming pool/trampoline, which was a tremendous hit. They were gentle and caring and vigilant at all times, especially with my father, who went snorkeling often, and needed lots of help getting into and out of the launch. PANACHE and her crew were simply "over the top". The highlight of the week for Dad was the visit to Foxy, his old friend, on our last day. Foxy was in residence, made a big fuss over Dad (who was wearing a 35 year old Foxy's t-shirt).

The sailing yacht was also fabulous. She housed the "younger set" very comfortably, and the crew, headed by substitute Captain Keith, was also superb. We sailed, snorkeled, hiked, explored, and continuously ate gourmet food throughout the week. We did a lot of laughing also. Keith, easy going but responsible, was very funny and kept us nice and relaxed. Nothing could have been better than the perfect weather, bringing such gentle winds that we went places and snorkeled where we'd never gone before in almost 40 years of cruising, including a snorkel at "the Invisibles", two miles east of Necker Island in the Atlantic. And the final surprise was a gorgeous full moon on the last night, adding a perfect ending to a perfect cruise.”

Private Family Charter - guests from NJ, FL and CA, USA


106' Motor Yacht SANDY JO
Exumas, Bahamas

"As one of my buddies said, 'It was an out of the park home run.' The four of us have done a great deal of traveling and dining but this was a 5 Star weekend in every way. The crew was sensational. Richard is an excellent captain and his crew saw to our every need. Dee and Sarah were so pleasant and accommodating...always with a friendly smile. Paul prepared food that some of the best any of us had ever eaten. And John did it all...jet skis, fishing, the hot tub, etc.