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Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands feature dazzling sapphire waters that are teeming with mackerel, queenfish, trevally and other species. The islands are remnants of a coastal range which was submerged when sea levels rose at the end of the ice age and now form the largest offshore island chain on the Australian east coast. Fringing coral cays surround many of the Whitsundays.

The Whitsundays lie on the Queensland coast on Australia's eastern seaboard, northeast of Mackay. While weather can vary, March to May brings the strongest winds, August and September are the driest months, and the wet season is generally January to March. With 74 islands in the chain, only six of which are inhabited, the Whitsundays offers everything from secluded anchorages to the nightlife of an international resort. A short 2 hour flight north from Sydney brings you to Hamilton Island in the heart of the Whitsundays. Qantas offers direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane.

Most of the islands have National Park status. A 35,000 square kilometer/21,000 square mile marine park stretches from around Sarina in the south to Cape Upstart to the north. Originally named the Cumberland and Northumberland Island groups by Captain James Cook, these islands have become well known as the Whitsunday Islands since Captain Cook named this area the Whitsunday Passage. The Whitsundays, with its safe anchorages and coves, and sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the worlds finest cruising areas and will undoubtedly capture your heart and imagination.

Great Barrier Reef  

Cairns to Thursday Island

Board your luxury vessel in tropical Cairns for a midday departure. We cast off and cruise North along the Marlin Coast, where lush, rainforest-clad ranges and chalky white beaches dominate the scenery. Settle in to your luxurious surroundings as your friendly crew prepare you for the adventures ahead.
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The Kimberley

The rugged and spectacular Kimberley coast of Australia's north-west is truly one of the world's last great wilderness areas. Remote and defiant, her many secrets have been kept from all but a select few.

Vast stretches of rusty cliffs are punctuated by plunging waterfalls and lush patches of tropical rainforest. Countless fresh water creeks soothe the thirsty landscape, where a refreshing swim in your own secluded spa-pool is a moment to be savored for life. Watchful crocodiles rule the mangroves where eagles, jabiru and kingfishers fly. Massive seabird colonies thrive in splendid isolation and thousands of nesting sea turtles landscape the beaches of offshore islands. Wise, reticent Boab trees stand guard throughout the landscape, giving the still bush its personality.

The Kimberley landscape has been used as a canvas by Aboriginal artists for the last 40,000 years. Shrouded in mystery, the dynamic Bradshaw figures are companion to the vibrant and sometimes shocking style of the Wandjina in hundreds of rock art sites along the coast. Nearly every bay and island tells a compelling story of the struggle of early explorers, pioneers and pearlers.

The phenomenal power and rhythm of the Kimberley's twelve meter tides have given birth to several unique spectacles. The Horizontal Waterfalls are a living, breathing wonder, where the rampant tide is funneled through two narrow sandstone gorges creating tidal rapids with a sharp drop of up to four meters. The enigmatic Montgomery Reef is plundered by the tide twice daily, rising five meters out of the ocean at low tide and producing a wall of cascades in the middle of the ocean.

For the fisherman, the sea is alive with opportunity. Prized Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Spanish Mackerel are prolific and the catch of the day has never tasted better than with a side of freshly caught Kimberley mud crabs and juicy black-lipped oysters. Hike up to an inland waterfall, take a thrilling helicopter flight to a secret oasis, shoot the tidal rapids in our trusty tenders or just relax with a drink on the bow and take in the glorious scenery.

The region's most experienced and respected guides are knowledgeable lecturers and add dimensions to your understanding and enjoyment of this remarkable area.

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