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Great Bear Rainforest Yacht Charters

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A global treasure, British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest is the last largely intact coastal temperate rainforest on earth.

Spectacular scenery, unparalleled wildlife viewing and whale watching and inspiring First Nations culture make this remote corner of the globe one of the world’s most remote and unique yacht charter destinations.

Spring and early summer on the north coast of British Columbia provides some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. In May and June, mountain peaks are still draped in snow. Sheer granite walls which rise thousands of feet out of the sea are laced with waterfalls fed by spring melt. Some waterfalls seem to fall from the sky, over thousands of feet of polished granite, and into the inky sea or onto the lush green estuaries. Carpeted in wild flowers and spring’s new growth of protein rich sedge grasses, the estuaries provide food for hungry bears just out of hibernation. These areas are also home to many species of nesting birds and other animals so guests enjoy amazing wildlife viewing, bird watching, and awe inspiring cruising.

Late summer and fall is a time of great abundance—returning salmon for the bears, wolves and birds to feast on, ripening berries and wild crab apples for the bears to pick, and schools of herring for whales to devour—all making possible some of the best wildlife viewing and whale watching anywhere in the world. This is the homeland of the genetically unique Spirit Bear—a white phase of Black Bear that appears nowhere else on earth.

A crewed yacht charter in the Great Bear Rainforest at this time of year is filled with exciting opportunities for whale watching as Humpback Whales feast on herring to prepare for their long migration to Hawaii. The co-operative feeding behavior of Humpbacks, known as ‘bubble net feeding’ is a lesson in power and ingenuity. As they break the surface in groups with mouths wide open, warn other whales with their tail lobbing or fly out of the sea in a full breach, Humpback Whales provide many hours of delight for photographers and whale watching enthusiasts.

In the great mainland rivers of the Great Bear Rainforest, as the wild Pacific salmon return to spawn, the magnificent Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Spirit Bears, coastal Wolves and birds await the salmon. The salmon of the Great Bear Rainforest are this area’s life-blood, even feeding the towering trees.

The outer islands of the Great Bear Rainforest bordering Hecate Straight have a rugged, windswept beauty and boast some of the most colorful sunsets on the west coast. A special pack of coastal wolves make several of these islands their home, as do seabirds that come ashore here to nest and raise their young. The plentiful marine life along these islands can be enjoyed during walks along the inter-tidal zone and deserted stretches of white sandy beaches. Yacht charter guests in this area typically witness the antics of Humpback Whales, Orca whales, Porpoise, Dolphins and even sea otters.

Your yacht charter can also include opportunities to learn about and witness the powerful First Nations cultures whose traditional homelands comprise this area. The coastal First Nations people of the Great Bear Rainforest are the ultimate guardians of this spectacular global treasure.

Experience B.C.’s most remote cruising destinations, unparalleled wildlife viewing and whale watching, and inspiring First Nations cultures. With an expert guide, walk beneath the towering trees of the rainforest, enjoy meadows carpeted in wild flowers, and explore deserted white sandy beaches. …all a world away… in a crewed yacht charter in the Great Bear Rainforest.


The most common departure points for crewed yacht charters offered in the Great Bear Rainforest:
  1. Prince Rupert, on the north coast of British Columbia.
    *By air from Vancouver on either Hawk Air, Air Canada Jazz or privately chartered seaplanes.
    *By B.C. Ferries from Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island.
    *By Alaska Ferries from many ports of call in Alaska
    *A highway and railway connect Prince Rupert to the interior of B.C.
  2. Hartley Bay, on the north coast of British Columbia.   
    *By daily scheduled flights on North Pacific Seaplanes from Prince Rupert.
    *By weekly scheduled ferry from Prince Rupert, operated by the Tsimshian First Nations people.
  3. Bella Bella, on the central coast of British Columbia.
    *By air from Vancouver or Port Hardy on Pacific Coastal Airlines.
    *B.C. Ferries have intermittent stops which may coincide with your travel plans.

Other possible departure points could be recommended based on what part of the Great Bear Rainforest you’d like to see.  It is also possible to charter a private seaplane to bring you directly to the yacht from Vancouver, Prince Rupert or Bella Bella.


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