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St. Vincent & The Grenadines Yacht Charters

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On board your yacht, completely looked after by your captain and crew, you are perfectly placed to enjoy your cruise through these stunning islands. Your captain tailors the cruise to match your special interests, such as scuba diving, hiking, water sports, horse riding or golf. The itinerary gives you the flexibility to stay longer in the locations you enjoy.

Perfect Sailing

The Grenadines have wonderfully protected coral reefs and islands. Compared to the Virgin Islands, The Grenadines cover a larger area and you will experience a real sense of voyaging between these stunning islands.

Excellent Diving

The scuba diving here is excellent. For experienced divers, there are world class dive areas here for you to explore. If you are new to diving, we can arrange a trial guided dive in many of the islands after a shallow water beach familiarization session.

There are over 30 beautiful islands in St Vincent and The Grenadines:

St. Vincent

In St. Vincent, your yacht may anchor off Young Island close to the airport on the southern tip of Saint Vincent. Your crew will meet your flight and bring you to your yacht. From Young Island, you can sail the next day or choose to spend a day exploring inland. A crewed yacht charter through these beautiful islands gives you the opportunity to sample the particular character of each island at your own pace. Along with exhilarating sailing, the islands offer a wealth of experiences ensuring rich and colorful memories.



Under full sail, we pull away from Young Island and reach south to Admiralty Bay, Bequia. We anchor off Princess Margaret's beach, with its inviting caves and golden sand. This location offers a gentle introduction to snorkeling - walk in from the beach or step from the swimming ladder of the yacht, there is a rocky shoal which is home to many fish.

Bequia is a great introduction to the Grenadines, a beautiful island with warm and welcoming people. Photo opportunities abound and a wander along the waters edge of Port Elizabeth in the glow of the late afternoon sun is recommended to absorb the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere.

Bequia has fantastic diving and great walks with ever changing views and peaceful beaches. There are local craft shops where model boats are lovingly created. Meet some local characters including Stanley who may row out in his small locally built boat and show you his hand-crafted jewelry. Zest Mon on the beach makes beautifully simple woven palm baskets adorned with birds and butterflies. Your chef always has fun provisioning from the small Rasta market and you can come to select fresh fruit and vegetables from the stalls of Roots and Ras - these gentlemen are passionate about their vegetables! You can take the opportunity to visit the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, run by Brother King, where you can hear how he is helping these wonderful creatures and hold a baby turtle.

Petit Nevis


Sail by the Moonhole, where the architecture of Tom Johnson's open houses grows out of the rocks, and close to West Cay, then on past Pigeon Island and Isla A Quartre. We will drop anchor and serve lunch at Petit Nevis with an opportunity to snorkel along the shore of the island. Up comes the anchor, and we sail on past Semplars Cay into Friendship Bay with its wrap-a-round golden beach. The swing seat bar 'Herby and Spicy' is a nice place for a beer after an afternoon stroll. Or, enjoy sunset cocktails on deck before dining aboard while you enjoy the lovely island view.

Union Island


We take the southern route from the Tobago Cays sailing close to Palm Island and into the stunning reef anchorage of Clifton Harbor, Union Island. We can take the dingy to meet Russell Douglas who tends the small and very lovely Green Island - if we are lucky he will sing some Calypso tunes for us. Russell likes to read, so we try to bring him something. There's lots to do here. After exploring Union Island we recommend refreshments at the Bougainvilla. Their tables overlooking the bay are right next to a large aquarium with a beautiful reef shark in residence.

Here the crew restocks with your favorite drinks and lots of fresh food. The walk back to the dock passes the Anchorage Yacht Club's pool of Nurse sharks, from small to fully grown. Jantie, owner of the modest little boat 'Small Speed' has a neat island built on conch shells, with a thatched roof and barbeque spot. He serves a renowned rum punch on his tiny island perched on the reef.



This brisk sail past Palm Island brings us into the protected waters of Petit St Vincent between Pinese and Mopion two low lying light pink pure coral sand islands - the perfect desert islands. Mopion is an extremely memorable island and your chef can prepare a picnic lunch for you to take ashore.

Petit St Vincent


This short trip brings you into the lee of Petit St Vincent, a quiet and very exclusive resort. We recommend an early evening stroll along the generous sweeping beach and a visit to the private island's cocktail bar and restaurant. It is housed in the lovely stone building with a relaxing courtyard area overlooking the bay. Here the guests include magical fireflies and parrots, which are friendly enough to feed biscuits to! Evenings here have a lovely gentle atmosphere.

Sandy Island, Carriacou


After breakfast we take a leisurely sail past Gun Point and Jack o' Dan. Northern Flight then rounds up into the turquoise waters between Sandy Island and the beautiful St Louis Bay, Carriacou after sailing between Mabouya Island and Sisters Rocks. We anchor alongside the wild and wonderful Sandy Island. Sandy Island offers great snorkeling with chances to see Sting Rays swimming close to the yacht in the sandy anchorage.

Birds are a striking feature of this island, pelicans dive into the water yards from you as you snorkel and the laughing gulls wheel about, the reef waters attract shoals of fish and you often find yourself surrounded by glittering spirals of darting silver. The stars seem to shine brighter at Sandy Island and you should find it refreshing and peaceful in its wildness.



We sail close hauled past Montezuma Shoal to Britannia Bay, Mustique. Here we will pick up a mooring and meet the friendly Harbormaster who tells us about evening entertainment. Dine on board overlooking the bay or enjoy one of the fabulous restaurants.

You can take a tour of this private island, where the exclusive homes of the rich and famous command the landscape and are realized in a variety of architectural styles. Your chef can prepare a picnic lunch for you to take to either Lagoon Bay or Macaroni Bay. Both these beaches are breathtaking, Macaroni being slightly wilder with deep soft sand. The Treasure Boutiques on Mustique are housed in the most charming buildings, and are a pleasure to spend time in. Breakfast is always a treat on Mustique with fresh croissants and pain au chocolat from the local French bakery.



Try your hand at fishing for Tuna, Jack, King Fish or Mahi Mahi whilst sailing by Petit Mustique, Savan Island and Petit Canouan to Charleston Bay Canouan. The anchorage gives easy access to the Tamarind Hotel. This elegant hotel has two waterside restaurants under picturesque thatched roofs, ideal for a thirst-quenching afternoon drink whilst you write your postcards. The island offers excellent walking and the opportunity to play a round of golf on the beautiful Frangipani golf course. There is a Casino perched high on the North East coast. At sundown relax with a cocktail while your chef prepares your catch of the day.

Friendship Bay, Canouan


We can visit South Glossy Bay or Friendship bay for lunch, depending on sea states. A dingy ride inside the reef pass takes you to some less well known snorkeling sites. In settled conditions we can dingy along the windward side of Canouan, inside the reefs where the snorkeling is excellent and there are incredible beaches - a memorable experience. Then, in the afternoon, we sail to the Island of Mayreau.



We sail by Catholic Island through the northern passage and into the calm waters of Salt Whistle Bay. Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau is the perfect Caribbean bay, crescent shaped with a gently rising fine sand beach backed by palm trees. The water is especially warm and pretty fish dart in the shallows. Refreshing breezes blow through the palms and thatched stone circles provide an exquisite location for refreshments.

You will find a wilder beach, excellent for beach combing, lying on the windward side, just over the sandy ridge. You can walk the road up to the local church with ample character and excellent views out over the southern islands. "Righteous Robert" runs a colorful local bar which serves a welcome cooling drink after walking the hill.

The Tobago Cays


The Tobago Cays are the highlight of the area for many and call for more than a fleeting visit. Five perfect uninhabited islands lie within the protection of an encircling coral reef. We take the northern approach inside the horseshoe reef and the Petite Bateau/Petit Rameau Pass.

This is a great photo opportunity as the islands slide apart to reveal the sandy, palm-fringed tip of Baradal and the perfect coral reef lagoon beyond. We anchor in the stunning turquoise waters of many sailors favorite destination. Perfect coral sand is scattered with coral heads teaming with fish and you will easily wonder where the time has gone.

For the more adventurous we will take the dingy through a narrow reef channel to the outer side of the reef where it drops off into the inky blue of the deeper water. Here the atmosphere is different and the fish too - yes, you might see a shark!

Isle de Ronde


We can take a leisurely pace and return to Union for your inter-island flight. Or, if sailing to Grenada, we set off after an early breakfast and sail to Kick em Jenny, an active underwater volcano. The sea life is rich here, so try your hand at fishing or watch for whales and dolphins. Diamond Island and the wild Isle de Ronde where we enjoy a refreshing swim.



We enjoy a light lunch underway and soon we are close into the sheltered west coast of Grenada. This lush and mountainous island towers above the bright fishing villages.We arrive at the anchorage in the warm glow of the late afternoon sun. Grenada is a beautiful island and we will anchor outside the picturesque waterfront capital of St Georges - just a short ride to the airport. You can fly the next day, or spend some time exploring this wonderful island.

The Grenada rainforest is stunning, with gigantic bamboo, tiny humming birds and huge butterflies, monkeys, and even snakes sleeping in the forest canopy - a great contrast to the sea, sand and salty air.

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